Berk Binýat
Oil and Gas Sector
Berk Binyat has developed strong business relationships with a portfolio of national and international oil and gas companies. Company provides asset support with an intention to turn into one-stop solution for oilfield equipment and spare part procurement. Leveraging over extensive sourcing networks, the company creates a value to clients by optimizing procurement procedures, reducing lead times for asset sourcing and minimizing chances for incorrect product selection. Berk Binyat services are tailored to companies in two major oil and gas sectors of petroleum industry: upstream and downstream.
The major clients in the upstream sector are the multinational oil and gas companies operating under Product Sharing Agreement (PSA) with the government of Turkmenistan. The PSA contractors are mainly involved in exploration, development and production of natural resources. Apart from that client list also includes onshore and offshore drilling well operators and service companies. The upstream sector services include the supply of spare parts and equipments for the exploration of underground or underwater oil and gas fields, drilling of exploratory wells, and operational wells.
The downstream sector services are aimed to supply of spare parts, equipments, electro components and testing equipment for oil refineries, natural gas treatment plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum storage and distribution facilities. The major beneficiaries of the company in this sector are the government petroleum companies and international EPC contractors.